ATM/debit card annual fee Free
Replace/re-issue ATM/debit/credit card (per card) $6.00


ATM transactions (withdrawal, deposit, transfer, balance inquiry & including incomplete transactions) $.50 per transaction at all non COOP network ATMs. Any ATM surcharges levied by other financial institutions and other fees will be charged to your share draft or overdraft share account.

Any other costs that Horizon Credit Union may be charged by the ATM/Visa network regarding your ATM/credit/debit card will be passed onto you

ATM Surcharge (Non-Member) $3.50
Check printing - (fee depends on style of check ordered)  
Cashier’s check $3.00 Each
Money order $2.00 Each
Deposited checks (and other items) returned unpaid $25.00
Returned Visa payment $15.00
Garnishments $75.00
Executions $35.00
Levies $35.00
Non Sufficient funds and overdraft(each debit or draft paid)  
0-10 items per month $27.00
11-15 items per month $29.00
16+ items per month $31.00
Accounty activity printout $2.00
Account balance assistance $15.00/hour
Telephone transfer from share savings to share draft $3.00
Stop payments (all items) $25.00
Wire transfers, outgoing domestic $15.00
Teller Express transfers Free
Loan application fees None
Home banking access Free
Online Bill Payer Free
Overdraft and non-sufficient funds fee $25.00 Each
Notary service (Members only) Free
Copies of statements, microfiche or microfilm $2.00
Copies of checks Varies
Safe deposit box rental (Not available at all locations)  
3x5x22 20.00/Year
5x5x22 $30.00/year
3x10x22 $35.00/year
5x10x22 $45.00/year
10x10x22 $80.00/year
Replacement key $14.00
Drill box fee (if both keys are missing) $145.00
May be additional fees if branches outside of Spokane  
Returned mail $5.00
Reopen fee for closed accounts $10.00
Check cashing fee for non-compensating funds $3.00
Inactive account $5.00/month
IRA termination fee $25.00
Visa sales draft copy fee $20.00
Overdraft transfer fees  
Debit transaction $1.50/occurrence
Check transaction $3.00/occurrence
Line of credit $3.00/occurrence
Cash advance from Visa $3.00 or 3% of transfer
  (whichever is greater)
Non-Horizon Cash Advance Fee (Debit and Credit) $9.95*
  *Excludes US Pre-paid Cards



Horizon Credit Union

Home Banking Enrollment

Enrolling in Home Banking is easy - here's how:

  • In the Username box, enter your user name.
  • If you don't remember your password, you can call our contact center at 800-852-5316 and they will provide you with a new one.

If you have any questions or problems logging in, please call 800.852.5316.


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