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Limited Time Certificate Specials

You don’t have to compromise stability and security to watch your savings grow. Plant now and thank yourself later with our certificate specials! Our certificates are carefully crafted to help you achieve your goals! Whether is a limited time offer or a standard CD, snag the perfect one for you:

  • Certificate specials are available for a limited time only, so check back often!
  • Standard certificate terms range from 90 days to 60 months.
  • Dividends compounded and credited monthly on most accounts.*

Not sure where to start or which CD is right for you? Give us a call at 800.852.5316 or visit your local branch and we’ll be happy to find the best options for you!

CD Special
Limited Time

5.42% APY*

18 Month | 1K Minimum

Elevate Your Certificate Savings by Laddering

Take your savings to another level with a strategy called laddering. With a little planning you can get great rates and still ensure you have funds maturing frequently, so you have access to cash when you need it. Click here to learn more.

HZCU Financial Training Ground

Certificate specials are just one way to propel you toward your savings goals. If you’re looking for the best ways to make your money flourish, visit Planning and Saving in our Financial Training Ground to discover essential tips, tricks and resources to help your money bloom even further.

Be the First to Know About Certificate Specials

Rates can change at any time. If you would like to know when the next special arrives, just sign up for our convenient rate alerts. We’ll notify you via email when a new CD special is available.

Rates are accurate as of 11/20/23 and are subject to change.

*Rate shown includes a 0.25% APY bonus for members who have or establish monthly direct deposit of $200 or more to a Horizon Credit Union checking account.  APY without the bonus = 5.16%.  Maximum deposit of $1M per individual.

The rates and terms shown are effective as of November 20, 2023.  View the Common Fees disclosure here.
Rates subject to change. For the most current rates available contact us at 800.852.5316.