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Community Outreach

Your path is our purpose. Not only is this Horizon Credit Union’s motto, but it’s also the tool we use to guide us through most of our daily decisions. We are dedicated to supporting charitable, community and civic organizations however we can.

Caring is at the CORE of What We Do

Community stewardship is how we put our CORE values of Capability, Optimism, Responsibility and Empathy into action:

  • Strengthens capability to understand the needs of our community
  • Increases optimism by providing solutions to help our members achieve their dreams
  • Deepens empathy for the needs of our members and neighbors
  • Grows responsibility by increasing ways we can give back to the communities we serve
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Community Service & Volunteering

Horizon Credit Union is committed to the communities we serve and we’re proud of our commitment to community service. Our Go-Givers program allows our team members to make a difference in their community, in the way they choose.

Each employee is given 24 hours of paid volunteer service per year to use either in group activities or on our own.  Each employee chooses where and when they want to volunteer.  But we don’t stop there!  You’ll see many employees who volunteer on their own time too.

Health | Hunger | Education

As we volunteer time and invest financial resources in the communities we serve, we are guided by our three pillars of corporate stewardship:

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One day a year, all branches close at noon and all Horizon team members venture out into our communities to help local charities and those they serve bounce back from food / housing insecurity. Discover the kind of difference an afternoon of volunteering can make!

Discover the Horizon Difference

As a credit union, we’re all about doing good in our communities and making a positive impact on our members’ financial journey. Learn more about what sets Horizon Credit Union apart from other banking institutions.