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Protect Your Information with Horizon’s Secure Mail

Horizon Credit Union uses a secure messaging system to ensure your personal information is always protected. Messages coming from Horizon that may contain sensitive information are automatically encrypted and routed to our secure messaging platform. 

Encryption protects your email while it’s in transit to ensure your messages will not be intercepted by hackers or spammers. 

This means that, occasionally when you receive an email from a team member of Horizon, you may receive an email asking you to click a link to view your message. This ensures your personal information can be viewed only by you. 

The first time you receive a secure message, you will receive a secondary message with a password. For your protection, you may be required to change that password immediately upon logging in. 

Secure Mail FAQs

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Can I opt out of Secure Mail?

No. Mail is automatically encrypted and routed to the secure messaging platform based on the content of the email.

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How do I know an email is legitimate?

The email sender name and address will be the individual from the credit union you have been corresponding with. The url you click to view the message(s) will be 

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How is this different from secure mail in online banking?

Secure mail in online banking requires that you have a log in for online banking.  The secure messaging platform does not.

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I’m a vendor. How can I opt out of Secure Mail?

Because confidential credit union information may be contained in emails with vendors, we require that our vendors use the secure platform as well.

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Is Secure Mail safe?

Yes! By logging in to the secure messaging platform, you are helping protect your personal information. 

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Is there a fee to use Secure Mail?

Nope! This service is entirely free.

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Is there a history of my Secure Mail messages?

Yes! All messages sent to you via secure mail will be available to you until you delete them.

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Is there a timeframe for me to access a secure message?

Yes. The link in the email will only be valid for 182 days. However, messages are archived and available until you delete them.