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Debit and Credit Card Security at Your Fingertips

Your Card Defense

Protect your cards with an app that turns your mobile phone into the ultimate fraud prevention device. With CardValet, you get customizable control so you can decide when, where and how your Horizon debit and credit cards are used.

Fight Fraud 

  • Get real-time purchase and balance alerts so no transaction flies under the radar 
  • Think your card has been lost or stolen? Use on / off controls to turn your card off with the touch of a finger and – if you end up finding it – to turn it back on 
  • Enable cell phone nearness technology to ensure that you’re the one making purchases 
  • Limit geographic areas in which your card can be used with location controls 
  • Set merchant controls to allow purchases only at the types of places you shop 

Control Spending 

  • Customizable spending limits so you don’t go over budget 
  • Get in-app low balance alerts when your balance falls below a set amount 
  • Parental controls so you can choose how, when and where your kids use their cards 

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Download the app for free in the Apple App and Google Play stores! 

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