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Add a Powerful Card to Your Wallet 

A Horizon Visa® credit card gives you the ability to unlock your financial potential. 

With low rates, simple terms, no hidden fees and powerful tools geared to help you manage your money and protect your cards, our credit cards are made to boost you towards achieving your financial dreams faster.  

Compare Cards 

Which type of Horizon Visa® credit card works best for you? Discover all the perks you’ll get with our cards! 

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Select one of our custom card options and show off your Horizon cred at the checkstand!

Guard Your Card 

Turn your smart phone into the ultimate fraud prevention device. Decide when, where and how your credit cards are used and – if you suspect your card has been lost or stolen – turn cards on / off with the touch of a button! 

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Pay With Your Mobile Phone 

Add your Horizon Visa® credit card to your phone’s mobile wallet to make paying for gas, groceries and more even easier and more secure.   

Take Your Credit Know-How to the Next Level  

Credit Card Basics 

Elevate your financial well-being and explore the ins-and-outs of credit cards. Our credit cards basics guide will teach you how to compare credit card offers, how to pay off your balance and what your rights are as a consumer. 

Credit Scores and Reports 

If you’re beginning to build credit or trying to improve your credit score, take a look through our guide to credit scores and reports. We’ll cover everything from how your credit score is calculated to tips on improving or maintaining your score.