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Pay with Your Phone and Boost Your Security with Digital Wallet

Just tap, pay and be on your way!

Why open your wallet when your phone is in your hand? Add your Horizon credit and debit cards to your digital wallet on compatible devices to pay in store, online or in apps! 

Plus, when you use your mobile wallet to pay, you actually help protect your identity. Stores and vendors never receive your info – a unique token is provided for each transaction instead of your card information. 

Load your Horizon cards to your digital wallet today!

Cashless Made Effortless

Visit the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay site to learn how to add cards to your digital wallet! 

Look for one of the logos above at stores and merchants. Hold your phone up to the payment device. You will be prompted to unlock your phone using your personal lock code (password, fingerprint or Face ID). 

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Horizon does not charge a fee for this service. 
The stores or merchants may charge card processing fees.

Yes!  You’re improving the security of the transaction by using mobile pay because the seller never receives your card number or other information. A one-time, unique token is used for each purchase. Plus, every transaction is authenticated by password, fingerprint or biometric ID. (Whichever option you have established on your device)

Visit the website for your device type for details. 

Visit the website for your device type for details.