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Discover the Perks You Get with Horizon’s Visa® Credit Cards

Horizon’s line of Visa® Credit Cards are durable, customizable and – when paired with online banking – make managing your money simple and easy. You have the option to go classic or earn points for rewards with our Visa® Platinum Points Card! 

When you get a Horizon credit card, you also get next-level money management and account security! Power up your pocketbook with these card benefits: 

So if you’re ready for a card that does more, apply for a Horizon Visa® credit card today!

Cardholder Benefits

Platinum PointsPlatinumClassic
Free Online Banking
Access your account online! Check your credit card balance, make transfers to your credit card and view your transaction history on your desktop or mobile device. 
Learn more about online and mobile banking
Earn Points to Redeem Rewards
Earn points on every dollar you spend. Redeem points for cash back, travel, electronics and more! 
Learn more about Platinum Points
Guard Your Card
Better online security is already in your hands! Turn your card off / on, receive instant purchase alerts and limit card usage from your mobile device. 
Learn more about Guard Your Card
Travel / Emergency Assistance
Wherever you travel, you’ll get access to 24-hour assistance should you lose your ticket or luggage, need a medical or legal referral or other emergency assistance. 
Click here to learn about our Travel and Emergency Assistance benefits
Hotel Theft Protection
You’re covered in case of theft or if something is stolen from your hotel room. 
Click here to about Hotel Theft Protection
Purchase Security
Get replacement, repair and reimbursement perks on items you purchase using your card. 
Learn more about Purchase Security
Travel Accident Insurance
Use your card for travel for added peace of mind while you travel. 
Learn more about Travel Accident Insurance
Extended Warranty Protection
Use your card to get extra assistance and extensions on your product warranties.  
Learn more about Extended Warranty Protection
Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
Get coverage for theft or collision damage when you use your card to rent a car. 
Learn more about Auto Rental Collision Damage Benefits

Certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply and benefit configuration may vary. Please contact us for terms and conditions and to confirm specific coverage levels at 800.852.5316. 

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