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It’s A Money Thing Teaching Resources

Horizon Credit Union is proud to offer this series of short, financial education videos that is part of the It’s A Money Thing series. We have also made available a treasure trove of additional resources for teachers, educators and learners alike. On this page you’ll find links to videos along with accompanying downloadable content (presentations, handouts and infographics) in the links below.

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It’s A Money Thing Videos

You can visit Horizon’s custom landing page for the It’s a Money Thing video series in the link below.

You’ll find videos organized by a variety of categories ranging from credit, savings and borrowing to investing and protecting yourself from fraud. There are even junior series videos designed to help your young one learn more about the basics of finances. Click the button below to get started.

Teaching Resources

Whether you are teaching a class related to financial education or just want to learn more, you can download a bounty of resources related to the It’s a Money Thing video series.

Resources are categorized by presentations, handouts or infographics and organized further by subject in the drop downs below. Your free to download as many as you like and use them as needed for your training or personal needs.

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Business & Investments

Get to know investment and small business essentials

Retirement & Insurance

Find resources for retirement saving and insurance

Home Ownership

Learn about renting, buying and mortgages

Money Management

Uncover the financial essentials to manage your money wisely

Financial Challenges

Get advice on handling unique financial challenges

Credit Union Advantage

Get to the know the advantages of choosing a Credit Union