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Earn, Adventure and Shop with Your Horizon Platinum Points Visa® Credit Card! 

What will you turn your points into?

You deserve a credit card points program that gives you better benefits. Horizon Credit Union is ready to help get you get more of what you want. With a Horizon Visa® Platinum Points credit card, you’ll earn points effortlessly. Every dollar you spend helps you rack up points! When you use your Platinum Points card at the checkstand, you’ll earn points for every purchase.

You can redeem your points for:

  • Online shopping discounts 
  • Travel perks 
  • Cash back 
Choose your card - Platinum

Get cash back

It’s as simple as it sounds. Save it or spend it – it’s yours!  

Find your next adventure 

Book flights, hotel stays and car rentals or experience outdoor activities and tours! 

Shop for items you’ve been eyeing 

Browse deals on electronics, clothes and more. Or transform your points into gift cards! 

Start earning points today with a Platinum Points card! 

Explore Other Platinum Points Benefits 

Your Platinum Points card also comes with extra perks to back you up. You get travel / emergency assistance, extended warranty services, hotel theft protection and more! 

Guard Your Card 

Horizon Credit Union believes in giving you the tools the stay secure. With our app, you can turn your phone into the ultimate fraud prevention device! If you think your card’s been lost or stolen, you can turn it on / off with the click of a button. 

When you bank online or with our mobile app, you can easily check you balance, make automatic payments if you have a checking account with us, easily see your points and more! 

Easy payment options 

Plus, our assortment of powerful money management tools and simple payment solutions will help you master your credit journey. 

Check Your Points 

You can log into online banking to check your points!

Icon Platinum Points cardholders: