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Pay Your Loan Here & More

We hope you’re loving your new ride, wheels or boat.   And we sure appreciate that you chose Horizon for your loan!   

We’re here to help making your loan payment easy and hassle-free.  Give us a minute to show you around our online lobby where you can make your loan payment, access your account and so much more. We make it easy to pay your loan securely from almost any account, anywhere or even by or by mail. 

Choose the option that works best for you.

Check on Your Loan Any Time

Sign up for online banking to view your balance or due date any time.

Financial Know-How

We’ve got a full online supply kit with everything you need for improving your financial well-being.  From first-time home buying to improving your credit score to preventing fraud and more.  It’s now available to you – at no-cost –  as a member of Horizon Credit Union.

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Pay from a Horizon Account

Log into online banking and transfer from your checking or savings to make a payment. You can make one-time payments or set up a recurring payment, so each month your payment will be transferred automatically on the day you choose.  

Need help? Give us a call at 800.852.5316 and we’ll be happy to get you set up! 

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Pay from Another Financial Institution with oPay

When you register in oPay, you can have your payment come from another financial institution with payment options to suit your budget.

You can:

  • make your payment from a checking account at nearly any financial institution 
  • store multiple accounts to make payments from, view payment history, schedule multiple loan payments and more 

To get started you will need:  

  • The routing number of the financial institution you are pulling the payment from* 
  • The account number of the account you’re pulling the payment from* 
  • Your Horizon member number 
  • The 3 digit Horizon loan number 

*You can usually find these on the bottom of your check.  

Payment Options

Auto Pay

Choose this option to pay the minimum payment due on the day it’s due. Set it and forget it. 

Recurring Payment

If you want to round up your payment or choose a more convenient payment date, select the recurring payment option. Select the date you want to pay each month and how much you want to pay. From there, you’re set! . 

One-Time Payment

You can make a single payment at any time. 

Debit Card Payments

You can also choose to make a loan payment with your debit card without enrolling in oPay. Each debit card payment will be charged a fee of $7.95. 

To get started visit the oPay website and select Pay with Debit Card

To make a debit card payment you’ll need: 

  • Your Horizon member number 
  • Your 3-digit loan number 
  • Your 5-digit zip code 
  • Your debit card information 

Mail Your Payment

Send your payment to: 
Horizon Credit Union 
PO Box 15128 
Spokane Valley WA 99215