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Northpointe Branch Construction

Starting late August, we’ll be busy giving our Northpointe branch a new look!

After construction is over you’ll have:

  • Easier access to the drive-up (You can drive straight through — no more crazy corners!)
  • 2 additional ATMs available 24/7 (Convenient access whenever you need it!)
  • Extended drive-up service from 7 am to 7 pm via ITM (Scroll down to learn more!)

What You Need to Know

During Phase 1

  • Construction starts in late August.
  • The lobby will be available by appointment only.
  • Drive-up and ATM access will remain open as usual.
  • Parking will be available behind the branch.

During Phase 2

  • The lobby will be open and the drive-up will be closed.
  • ATM access will not be available. If you need to drop by a surcharge-tree ATM, the PrimeSource Credit Union down the road is part of our CO-OP ATM network!
  • Construction is expected to finish in late fall 2023.

Check back in for more details later down the road! We can’t wait to share the new look with you!

ITMs: Face-to-Face Service, From Your Car

Our interactive teller machines (or ITMs) are the latest in drive-up banking technology!

What can you do at an ITM? Just about everything you can do at an ATM or at a teller window in a branch! You have the choice to connect with a person face-to-face — or choose to go your own way and use the machine as a regular ATM.

Our friendly member service representatives will be able to help you accomplish just about anything we could have through our branch lobby, with the added benefit of extended hours from 7 am to 7 pm.

Want to know more? Click here to see everything ITMs are capable of!