Online Money Management

Blaze Your Trail with Powerful Online Money Management

At Horizon, we’re here to help you achieve your dreams and move forward on the path to your goals. That’s why we offer leading online money management tools to empower you along the way.

These tools stand out from others you may have used:

A comprehensive vision

Our tools give you the ability to monitor, manage and plan across all your accounts – even your accounts at other financial institutions!

A unique approach

No boring budgeting here! Interactive tools help you easily map out a plan with visual guides to track your progress.

These tools are available as part of your free suite of online services. Sign in to home banking or the mobile app to get started!

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Essential Features

  • Mobile access for freedom to manage money anywhere.
  • Smarter sorting with auto-categorization of your transactions to smooth out your budgeting process.
  • Cash flow calendar to see where your money is going so you can better plan for upcoming expenses.
  • Text and email reminders to keep your spending on track.
  • Visual goal tracking for debt payoff, savings and more!