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Fraud Alert: Mobile Deposit Check Fraud

Horizon Credit Union is seeing a rise in check fraud deposits through mobile deposit. Fraudsters will try to gain your trust and request your online banking access to make a mobile deposit.

NEVER SHARE YOUR ONLINE BANKING LOGIN INFORMATION WITH ANYONE, this is for you and you only. Once a check is deposited, the member is liable for any losses that may occur. We are seeing large member losses due to various types of scams, which include but are not limited to: loan, inheritance, lotto, romance, overpayment, etc. Please keep your banking information confidential to avoid large losses at your expense. Call our contact center with any questions 800.852.5316.

Things to watch for

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Person depositing funds, requesting immediate return of all or a portion of said funds.
  • Someone is asking to send you funds so that they can be sent to another recipient (often seen in a romance scam where “fiancé” is saying they need your help in getting money from their friend/lawyer and then asks you to forward to another party or the “fiancé”).
  • Someone asking for your banking information to deposit funds.
  • Working with a loan company that you have not worked with before, or is not well known. Or one that is in your email that you did not seek.
  • Emails with links that you are not expecting.

What to do if you think you have been scammed

  • DO NOT send any / anymore outgoing funds.
  • STOP talking to the person(s) who are requesting the transactions.
  • Call our contact center and report the activity immediately at 800.853.5316

Read more about how to protect yourself online in our security resource center.