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Scam Alert: Fraudulent Activity Texts

It’s the holidays, which means scammers are on the rise. Scammers are currently targeting Horizon members by sending text messages about “fraudulent activity” on their accounts. Read on to learn about the latest scam and how you can protect your information.

We will never ask for personal information such as your debit card, social security number etc. via email or text. As your credit union, we already have this information on record. If we notice potential fraud on your account a member of our Fraud Department will contact you by phone. Any unexpected texts or email asking for personal information should be treated as spam.

Watch out for the new imposter scam

Several members and non-members have reported a new scam in which imposters pose as Horizon Credit Union to obtain account information.

The scam goes something like this:

  • You receive a text from a number claiming to be Horizon Credit Union.
  • The fraudster informs you that your account has been restricted for fraudulent transactions.
  • Next, they tell you to call the number. They then ask for personal information such as:
    • Card number
    • CVV (code on the back of the card)
    • Expiration date
    • Online or mobile banking credentials
    • Other identifying information

What to do if you get a suspicious text

  • Do not respond to the text or call the number.
  • Do not click on links.
  • Report the suspicious text to us by calling our main number: 800.852.5316.

Steps to protect your accounts

  • Set alerts on your card. Download Horizon’s Card Valet app and set alerts for activity. You can learn more at
  • Set alerts on your accounts. Sign up for and actively use mobile or online banking.  You can set alerts for activity to ensure you’re immediately aware of any new transactions.
  • Don’t share online or mobile banking credentials. Legitimate financial institutions will not ask you to share this information.
  • Update and strengthen passwords. It’s a good idea to update passwords often and use strong, hard to guess passwords.
    • Don’t share personal information on social media. Many seemingly innocent interactions are actually intended to gather information that could be used to compromise your accounts such as:
      • your first concert
      • your first car
      • the last purchase you made
      • your favorite food

    At Horizon Credit Union, we’re always here to help!  If you suspect any suspicious activity please give us a call and we’ll work with you to identify whether or not it’s a scam and, if necessary, resolve any fraudulent activity on your Horizon accounts.

    For more tips to protect your accounts and personal information please visit