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We’ve Got You Covered With Overdraft Options

Everyone makes mistakes. When you do, you may find yourself paying high fees to a merchant because a check or other payment type was returned.  At Horizon, we want to help you avoid those other fees.

An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction. If this happens, your transaction may be denied or returned. We believe that automatically returning insufficient funds doesn’t consider your personal financial situation. We’re ready to help our members out however they can when they need it.  

At Horizon, our members are our priority. That’s why we provide our members with Overdraft Privilege along with other overdraft protection options.

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Avoid High Charges

Your cushion for cash catastrophes.

There are a number of scenarios where overdraft protection can act as a buffer for your financial integrity. Avoid high charges from merchants for returned checks.

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Avoid Embarrassment

Never get turned down at a checkout again.

Save yourself the embarrassment and inconvenience of denied purchases and dishonored checks.

Pay Your Overdraft

Nobody’s perfect. Everyone deserves protection.

Protect yourself from incidental and inadvertent overdrafts up to $800 for your personal checking account!

Here’s how it works

We will automatically authorize and pay overdraft items for the following types of transactions, up to a limit, for members in good standing*:

  • Checks 
  • Automatic payments 
  • Other transactions using a check number 

Overdraft privilege is already part of your deposit account agreement with us.

With some exceptions, most of our checking / draft account types and individual accounts are eligible for this service. See Ineligible Accounts, Eligible Account Types and Eligible Transaction in the Overdraft Privilege Service Program.

It costs you nothing to have this service available.  You’ll only be charged a fee if there is a purchase (or other transaction) that takes your account negative. Check out the full Overdraft Privilege Service Program for details.

Explore our other overdraft protection plans!

With an overdraft protection plan, you can link your checking account to a share account, Horizon Visa® card or line of credit. In the event that your checking account goes below a zero balance, money will be transferred from your linked account in exchange for a small fee: 

From Shares: $1.50 per occurrence 

From Visa® card or line of credit: $3.00 or 3% of transfer (whichever is greater) per occurrence 

To link an account for an overdraft protection or for more information give us a call at 800.852.5316. 

Optional Debit Card Overdraft
If you’d like to ensure your debit card transactions will be paid in the event you are overdrawn, opt-in today.