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Strong Financial Futures Start Here

From lemonade stands in the summertime to after-school gigs to save for college, your children can flourish financially at any time, at any age with their very own youth account. In addition to certificates, savings and checking accounts we provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

We’re here to help your children learn to save and develop healthy money habits. Scroll down to learn about our youth accounts and how you can start your kids’ financial journey off right.

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Checking & Savings

Youth checking and savings are the foundational accounts we offer to help kids build a strong financial future.

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Student Share Certificate

A certificate at a special rate just for kids that will help them see how their money can grow in a term share account.

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Money Management

Your child will have access to a powerful suite of online tools to help them learn the value of saving and wise spending.

The Pre-School Years

Take the first step by opening a savings account or certificate. Monetary gifts from loved ones can be deposited to help start their savings journey off right.

  • Explorer Savings
  • Youth Certificate

During Elementary School

This is a great time to help your child establish savings goals! Visit a branch and show them how to deposit their allowance into their savings account.

  • Explorer Savings
  • Youth Certificate

Your Middle Schoolers

Set your kid up with online access so they can track their goals on their own. Our app comes equipped with features that make saving fun and easy.

  • Money Management Tools
  • Youth Certificate
  • Explorer Savings
  • Youth Checking

The High School Years

Once they’re 15 they’ll be eligible for a debit card! By this time they’ll be ready to make their own purchases and put their money skills to the test.

  • Money Management Tools
  • Youth Certificate
  • Explorer Savings
  • Youth Checking

Financial Training Ground

Talking to your kids about money can be difficult. We help make it easy and fun with a number of free online financial learning resources.

They can learn about checking and savings basics, early budgeting fundamentals and money management skills.

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