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How to Save on Back-to-School

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Back-to-school season is here! Are you ready? When all the costs start stacking up, it’s no wonder that it can start to feel overwhelming.

To help you be a savvier back-to-school shopper this year, we’ve got helpful advice to ace the new year with no problems.

How to Save This School Year

Set a Budget

Before shopping, review your budget and decide how much you can comfortably spend. Knowing your limit first will help you make better choices.

If you need help building your budget, we have calculators that take the stress out of the process. Plus with our money management tools in online and mobile banking, you can map out a plan with visual guides to help keep you on track.

Take Stock at Home

This is the perfect opportunity to see what you can repurpose in those closets, drawers and school supply stashes. It’s surprising how much stuff we tend to forget about!

Also try to avoid the urge to buy supplies before you’re given a list of what’s required. That way you’ll avoid purchasing things that aren’t needed.

Find Deals at Retail Stores

Keep an eye on sales and special offers from supply stores and mass retailers. They often have great deals before the school year starts.

Discount stores like Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls also have many well-made items at budget-friendly prices.

Dollar stores are also a great place to get essential supplies like notebooks, pens and pencils, paper and index cards without breaking the bank!

Compare Prices Online

Online shopping makes comparing prices a breeze. Price-matching expensive items at different stores will help you find where to get the best deals.

Since you don’t have to stop at multiple stores to find the best price, you’ll save both time and money!

Search Thrift Stores

If you’re up for an adventure, thrift stores are a treasure trove of clothing, backpacks, kitchenware and furniture at incredible prices. You never know what you might find, which adds to the fun!


The new school year brings lots of exciting opportunities – but with that comes the potential to spend more than you plan to. With some smart shopping skills and a little bargain hunting, you’ll start school on the right foot!

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