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Why You Should Set Up Account Alerts

Have Your Banking Come to You

While you’re out adventuring this summer, just focus on having fun – with account alerts, we’ll bring your banking right to you!

All it takes is just a few minutes to set up in online or mobile banking, then you’ll receive instant account updates to your email or phone. What’s easier than that?

What are Account Alerts?

Account alerts are personalized notifications that you can fully customize, including what types of information to receive and how often. Based on your choices, you’ll receive alerts to your phone or email.

Customize alerts to fit your needs:
  • How you receive alerts: Through email, text or push notification (alerts that show up on your home screen)
  • What type of alerts you receive: This includes balance updates, payment reminders and more (keep reading for more info)
  • When you receive them: Such as how often and what day you receive balance updates, the amount needed to trigger balance alerts and more

Why Should I Use Account Alerts?

Not only are alerts easy to set up, but they also allow you to always stay up-to-date and keep your accounts extra secure.

  • Extra convenience: We’ll bring your banking directly to you!
  • Instant updates: Notifications are sent immediately, so you’ll know instantly when something changes
  • Fraud prevention: Alerts can help you spot fraudulent charges right away
  • Avoid overdraft fees: Know when your account is low and say goodbye to pesky fees!

Get Alerts for the Things You Want to Know

Receive alerts for the things that matter to you! You can also set different types of alerts for different accounts!

You can set email and text alerts in online banking and push alerts in our mobile app for:
  • Large withdrawals or deposits: Know when your direct deposit comes in or when your home loan payment is made
  • When the balance falls below or above a specified amount: Keep your accounts at a place you’re comfortable with
  • Loan reminders: Know when your payment is due or overdue
  • Regular balance updates: Check your balance without having to log in!

How to Set Up Account Alerts

Getting started is simple!

In online banking:
  1. Log into online banking
  2. Go to Additional Services
  3. Select Mobile Banking & Alerts

Here you can set up and customize alerts for all your accounts and determine whether to receive text or email alerts – or both!

On our mobile app:
  1. Log into our mobile app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Push Notifications
  4. Turn on Interact Messages

Here you can set up and customize push notification settings for all your accounts!

Note: If you haven’t enabled notifications for our app yet, be sure to turn them on so you don’t miss out!

Get Ready for More Fun!

Do more of what you love and spend less time managing your accounts.  With alerts you have peace of mind knowing that we’ll let you know when it’s time to check in on your money.

If you haven’t tapped into the power of online banking yet, give us a call at 800.852.5316 and we’ll be happy to help you get started. Or if you’re looking for on-the-go access wherever you roam, click here to download our mobile app!