Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Account Information
  • Address
How do I change my address / phone number?

You can change your account information by:

  1. Sending us a secure message through online / mobile banking with your updated information
  2. Mailing us a copy of your license with instructions to update your information, along with signature and date
  3. Visiting your local branch in-person

  • Access
  • Account Information
  • Online Banking
How do I change my username and password for online banking?

Changing your username and password within online banking is quick and easy. Log into online banking or our mobile app and click on My Settings, then go to Login & Security.

  • Cards
  • Fraud
How do I dispute a debit / credit card transaction?

Call us at 800.852.5316 and select the option for debit cards, then the option to dispute a transaction. We’re here to assist you 24/7!

  • Secure Mail
How do I know an email is legitimate?

The email sender name and address will be the individual from the credit union you have been corresponding with. The url you click to view the message(s) will be hzcu.login-us.mimecast.com. 

  • Cards
How do I make a big purchase with my debit card when branches are closed without my card being denied?

Large dollar amount purchases may be denied as a precaution to help protect you and your account from fraud. Just let us know about any potential large transactions ahead of time by calling us at the number on the back of your card and you’ll be good to go!

  • Account Information
  • Wires
How do I make sure that a wire transfer went through?

If you reach out by phone, in branch or by using our Contact Us form we’d be happy to check if a wire transfer went through!

  • Cards
How do I make sure that my debit or credit card will still work when I travel out of town, such as to another state or country?

We recommend calling us to submit a travel notice before you head out to ensure you do not encounter any issues with your cards. In order to keep your accounts safe we have anti-fraud systems in place that may be triggered by unusual activity. For example, if we notice activity outside of your usual spending patterns or geographic regions, these systems could potentially flag your transactions as being fraudulent and lead to an interruption in service. By submitting a travel notice, we’ll update our records to note where you’ll be traveling, so your debit and credit cards are always working and you can enjoy your trip.

  • Checking Accounts
How do I order checks?

Log in to online banking, select Additional Services, then click Order Checks.

  • Payment
How do I order loan coupons?

We don’t require loan coupons for payments! However if you would still like to use loan payment coupons, you can find printable forms on our Documents and Forms page.

  • Access
  • Account Information
  • Online Banking
How do I receive my temporary password for online banking?

You’ll receive your temporary password within 2 hours of becoming a member or opening a new membership with a different member number. It will be sent to the email you provided in-branch, at a dealership or within your online application.

The email contains a 6-digit randomized PIN that you will use as your password upon your initial login into online banking.*

*Note: This password is good for 72 hours from receiving your welcome email. If you don’t sign into online banking within the 72-hour timeframe contact us at 800.852.5316 and one of our team members will assign you a new one.

  • Account Information
  • Online Banking
How do I register for online banking?

Registering for online banking is simple!

  • Click the online banking login dropdown in the righthand corner of our website
  • Username: Enter your member number
  • Password: Enter the 6-digit PIN we sent you via email
  • After logging in, you’ll verify your identity and set up your own username and new password
  • Online Banking
How do I set up account alerts in Online Banking?
  1. Log into online banking
  2. Go to Additional Services
  3. Select Mobile Banking & Alerts

Here you can set up and customize alerts for all your accounts and determine whether to receive text or email alerts – or both!

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