Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Online Banking
How do I set up account alerts within the mobile app?
  1. Log into the Horizon Credit Union mobile app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Push Notifications
  4. Turn on Interact Messages

Here you can set up and customize push notification settings for all your accounts!

  • Online Banking
  • Payment
How do I set up bill pay?

Getting started with bill pay is easy! Click here to watch a step-by-step tutorial.

  • Account Information
  • Online Banking
How do I sign up for online statements?

Signing up for online statements is simple and easy!

  1. Log into online banking or our mobile app.
  2. On desktop click on Online Statements under the Additional Services tab.
    On mobile click the More tab and select Online Statements.
  3. Select Go Paperless.
  4. Click continue and start getting your statements digitally!

Online statements are available from the start of your membership for up to 18 months. 

Depending on when you first sign up for online statements, you may still receive one last paper statement.

  • Account Information
  • Online Banking
How do I transfer money to another person?

You can transfer money to other Horizon members directly through online / mobile banking. Just select the “Move Money” tab in online / mobile banking to get started.

Member-to-Member Transfers

Do you have friends, family members or acquaintances at Horizon? Send them money instantly! Add them once in online banking and you can send money to them anytime.

  1. In online banking, go to the Move Money tab and click on Send money to member. On the mobile app, select Make a Transfer
  2. Click Add a Recipient and enter the following information: the recipient’s first 3 letters of last name, their member number, the account type and the account suffix (which can be found in online banking by selecting Account Details, then Account History)
  3. Then send money just as you would between your accounts!
Please note: Popmoney was discontinued by our vendor on June 30, 2023.

Click here for more information.

  • Home Equity
How does a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) work?
  • A revolving line of credit (like a credit card, without the card) 
  • Access the money in branch, online or in the mobile app as you need it 
  • The rate is adjustable, but portions of the line of credit can be fixed 
  • Secure Mail
How is this different from secure mail in online banking?

Secure mail in online banking requires that you have a log in for online banking.  The secure messaging platform does not.

  • Account Information
  • Online Banking
I have multiple member numbers and accounts at Horizon Credit Union, but when I log into online banking it only shows me one of my accounts. Why is that?

Our accounts are set up per membership. This means that each member number has a separate login (username and password) for online banking. To connect accounts first log in to online or mobile banking then select Add External Accounts, then Add An Account. Search for Horizon then enter the username and password of the account you want to link. After verifying your identity via phone or text, your accounts will be linked!

  • Account Information
  • Online Banking
I have multiple member numbers and accounts at Horizon Credit Union. Is there a way to see all my memberships and accounts under a single login?

Yes! You can easily add your accounts under your main membership.

  • In online banking, select Add External Accounts or click on the Money Management tab.
    For mobile, click Add External Accounts or select the More option and click Money Management.
  • Select Add An Account and search for Horizon Credit Union. Enter the username and password of the additional account you want to link to your primary account. You will be asked to verify your identity via phone or text.

That’s it! Your account will then populate within Money Management and on the main accounts screen below your accounts on your main membership.

  • Account Information
  • Fraud
I received a text from Horizon Credit Union about fraudulent activity on my account and is asking for my personal information. Is this text real?

We will never ask for personal information such as your debit card, social security number etc. via email or text. As your credit union, we already have this information on record. If we notice potential fraud on your account a member of our Fraud Department will contact you by phone. Any unexpected texts or email asking for personal information should be treated as spam.

To notify us about potentially fraudulent activity call us at 800.852.5316.

  • Secure Mail
I’m a vendor. How can I opt out of Secure Mail?

Because confidential credit union information may be contained in emails with vendors, we require that our vendors use the secure platform as well.

  • Secure Mail
Is Secure Mail safe?

Yes! By logging in to the secure messaging platform, you are helping protect your personal information. 

  • Secure Mail
Is there a fee to use Secure Mail?

Nope! This service is entirely free.

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