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  • Online Banking
What is the difference between online banking and the Horizon informational website?

Online banking is where you log in to manage your accounts, view account information, transfer money, etc. The Horizon informational website is where you can find information on the products and services we offer.

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What is the limit for ATM cash withdrawals?

You can withdraw up to $1000 from ATMs and $2500 from ITMs.

  • Home Equity
What is the loan length?
  • 10 year draw period 
  • 15 year repayment period 
  • Wires
What is the wire transfer cutoff time for same-day transfers?

The wire request must be entered into our system by 12 pm PT / 1 pm MT to be sent on the same day. Since the process can take some time, we suggest you arrive at your local branch by 11:30 am PT / 12:30 pm MT.

  • Cards
  • Fraud
What should I do if I think there’s been fraudulent activity on my account?

Contact us immediately at 800.852.5316. We’ll be happy to help dispute any potentially fraudulent transactions. Additionally, you can come into any branch and have a new card with a new card number instantly issued to you.

  • Savings / Investments
What’s the difference between the savings account types offered by Horizon?

Savings — A designated account meant to help you save money. It is more difficult to access the funds in this account than it is with a checking account.

Certificates (CD)— A savings account for a designated period of time where your money is stored away. Funds are not accessible during the term of the certificate without incurring a penalty fee.

Money Market — Combines the earning power of a savings account with the convenience of a checking account. Generally offers tiered dividends, meaning the more money you keep in this account, the higher the dividend rate you earn.

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  • Branches
Where can I find the closest CO-OP ATM near me?

There are 30,000+ CO-OP ATMs throughout the US available for you to use. Click here to find one near you!

  • Account Information
Where do I find my account number / member number?

You can find your account / member information in multiple places:

  1. Logging into online / mobile banking
  2. Calling us at 800.852.5316
  3. Additionally, your account information and routing number is available on the front of your personal checks
  • Account Information
  • Loan
  • Payment
Where do I make my loan payment?

You have several options when making your loan payment:

  1. From a Horizon account by logging into online or mobile banking
  2. From another financial institution through oPay
  3. Additionally, you can send a payment via mail

Click here for additional loan payment information.

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  • Online Banking
Why can’t I see all my multiple memberships and accounts through my Horizon Credit Union mobile application when I use facial recognition or fingerprint?

Horizon Credit Union currently utilizes membership-based accounts. This means that each member number has a separate login (username and password) in online banking. Whichever membership you recently logged into and set up biometric features for will be set for that membership.

  • ITMs
Why is Horizon using this new technology?

By adding these machines, we can offer extended hours for added convenience and accessibility while maintaining a personal touch.

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  • Online Banking
Why is there only one login per membership? Why can’t a joint owner have their own login?

At this time Horizon Credit Union is set up for only the primary member’s personal information. If the joint owner on an account has a primary membership of their own, they can link their account through the Add External Accounts function.

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